Here are some quotes from what people around the world have said about Beyond Fallen in the press. If you would like to review the new Beyond Fallen album for your magazine, website or blog, or interview members of Beyond Fallen, please contact the band.

  • "Beyond Fallen manage to set themselves apart from the many good to very good bands in this genre. Highly recommended."
    Holger Andrae - Powermetal.DE (Germany)
  • "Beyond Fallen proves high quality traditional metal with power and thrash nuances isn't merely a thing of the past - there are current artists delivering the goods consistently today, and As the Spires Fall in a just marketplace would be a massive seller worldwide."
    Matt Coe - Dead Rhetoric (United States)
  • "Fans of bands like Jag Panzer & Iced Earth, or more classic bands like Maiden & Priest, should immediately hear something here that they like, i.e. a powerful album filled with guts and fist-pumping metal."
    metal-rules (canada)
  • "Beyond Fallen did not fail to impress me and others."
    Arto Lehtinen - Metal-rules (finland) at HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR festival, Germany
  • "Mindfire is a digest of heavy Metal inflated amphetamines that never leaves a minute's respite."
    Heavy Law (france)
  • "This band has the musical finesse and production values to hook you in, but it's their darker sensibilities, as well as the passion and energy of their delivery that are the real stand-out qualities on Mindfire. Recommended."
    Michael Roberts - lastrites (spain)
  • "This is how timeless power metal has to sound!"
    Wolfram Kuper - Rock Hard (Germany)
  • "Coming across with more spit and bite than a barrel full of King Cobra."
    Chris Doran - the metal-observer (United Kingdom)
  • "If you're a fan of heavy metal overall, this is something you won't want to pass up."
    Apoch's Metal Review (United States)
  • "What a tight entity this band turned out to be."
    Daniel Vermeiren - Den Of Iniquity (BELGIUM) at HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR festival, Germany
  • "BEYOND FALLEN has taken themselves and the genre to the next level with AS THE SPIRES FALL. If you're a fan of true power metal this CD is a must have in any collection. If you're not a fan, YOU WILL BE!"
    Billy Loney - Keep It Metal Promotions (United States)
  • "one of the best US metal albums I have heard in my entire life."
    DisAgreement Online (Luxembourg)
  • "You can't say Beyond Fallen is just another band who tries to copy some old heavy metal bands, though they have a real heavy metal feeling, they also put something new in it, which gives them their own sound in a modern way."
    Digital Steel (Netherlands)