The history of Beyond Fallen began in 2003, and the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania based band finally came together in the summer of that year. Beyond Fallen soon made it's live debut in the fall, and finishing out the year with the first recording - releasing a 4-song demo/EP soon after.

With a steady live schedule in 2004, one of the year's highlights was when the band won first place at Keystone College's Battle of the Bands - a strong statement to make their mark as a legitimate force on the regional music scene. A song from the debut 4 song CD had also been featured in the Top 10 unsigned artists MP3s on FuseTv's Uranium website. The band first gained distribution of this first CD in Europe, with several more distribution deals that followed and would spread the band's reach.

This exposed the band to the European metal scene and opened the door for the band to gain even more exposure overseas in the coming years. In July 2005 the band entered S.I. Studios in Scranton, Pennsylvania, this time to record its first full-legnth album, titled Lost In The Shadows. The track Concrete Lucifer from the album was also included on the Concrete Approved Sampler (July '06) with other very well-known metal acts. Live dates would follow, including support slots for national acts.

This all eventually led to the band being signed to Melissa Records, a label based in The Netherlands. The new album, recorded in January 2007 titled Mindfire was released the following June. Metal fans and press around the world have given it high praise.

The band made their first trip to Europe in July 2007, notably performing at the 10th anniversary of the legendary Headbanger's Open Air Festival in Germany to rave reviews, and at the famous Ballroom Hamburg, in Hamburg, Germany.

The following few years saw the band do numerous live shows in some new cities, performing festivals in Virginia and New York for the very first time. 2010 saw the writing of new material begin and some live dates, notably performing at the Warriors of Metal Festival in Ohio in 2010.

2013, the band's 10 year anniversary, was a busy year with new material and live dates to support a brand new release. In September '13 the band released their 4th CD titled Machines Of Corruption and also had a new track, Caligula featured on the True Metal Lives "Doorway To The Unknown" compilation CD.

In 2014 the band returned again to the Warriors of Metal Festival in Ohio, and also recorded a new song for the band's first music video titled Hatecrown. The band began writing new material in 2015 and performed in Chicago at Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse, gaining praise for their crushing set at the fest, and making many new fans. Beyond Fallen continued to sharpen their live show with shows in several different states.

The band headed into the studio in 2015 to begin to record the latest album As The Spires Fall - proving to be Beyond Fallen's most creative and ambitious recording to date. Years of hard work, dedication and experience have paid off as can be heard on the new album.

As The Spires Fall is a fierce offering of timeless heavy metal in every sense of the word. From devastating thrash tempos and harsh riffing to melodic moments and catchy rhythms this album has all those things a metal fan could want. A classic tried-and-true sound with a modern edge As The Spires Fall is sure to get heads banging and fists pumping. Audiences can be certain that the band will bring their best live shows ever to the fans in the coming year with a perfect mix from their discography of material old and new. The band also was nominated for the third time for 'Metal Act Of The Year' in the Steamtown Music awards.

This year finds Beyond Fallen signed to a new label for distribution and promotion of the new album with Underground Power Records, a label based in Germany. The future looks great for Beyond Fallen, with the band more ready than ever to bring their music to the metal masses!