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NEPA Metal Meltdown is a 2 day metalfest showcasing the best in local & regional heavy metal. Great bands for a very affordable admission. It all started with an idea by a few of us band members from the Northeastern Pennsylvania metal scene. The goal: to bring local and regional metal acts to one venue for a weekend of uncompromising music. The idea was to let the bands run the fest, eliminating the middle man, and the all too common pay to play tactics. We wanted to stay with a plan to keep admission affordable, all without sacrificing quality or cutting corners in ways that would make the fans feel disappointed. With the strength of the metal scene in Northeastern Pennsylvania currently at an all time high we felt the timing could not be more perfect than now to act on our plan to build a two day underground metal festival. Witnessing more metal bands on the rise, connecting with more fans in the region, an increase in local media support, and more venues booking metal bands all adds up to a regional metal scene that is growing, with some major momentum. Our mission is to create an experience for the fans, and the bands, that is positive, where bands can showcase what they have got in a highly visible way to a sizable number of passionate metal fans. From established local bands, to new acts on the rise, to some of the top metal bands from outside of the area there’s something here for everyone, with a diverse lineup of bands from different genres. 2014, our first year, then 2015 and 2016 went fantastic! This year will prove to be even better! We want to grow this every year, and thanks to the support we had last year it was obvious that this would become an annual event. Thanks for your interest in NEPAMM! \m/

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Where is the venue?

IRISH WOLF PUB 503 Linden St, Scranton, Pennsylvania. It is around 2 hours drive west of New York City, and 2 hours drive north of Philadelphia.

How do I get tickets, and for how much?

There will be an announcement prior to when tickets will got on sale and cost. Buying tickets in advance is suggested and the best value.

Can I take photos/video?

Yes photos and video will be allowed. We just ask that you share whatever photos/video you take with the bands and festival organizers.

Is there an age restriction?

18 to enter, 21+ to drink - please have ID.

Will bands sell merchandise?

Yes. All bands will be able to sell merch.

Can I meet the bands or get backstage?

The bands will likely be accessible for photos and autographs throughout the event in the common areas, however please be courteous and respectful with the band members. Due to the hectic nature of having so many bands getting on and off stage there will be no access to the staging areas unless authorized. We strive to create a fan friendly event, however we can't guarantee accesibility to all the bands and their members.

I know a band that would be great on this. Can you book them?

Please send them to the band application page and we will check them out.

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If you are in a band performing or are interested in performing read this!

How can my band get on this?

Go to the band application page and fill out the application. All bands will be considered. You'll need to have original music recorded that we can listen to and review. If you are chosen to participate we will contact your band to confirm booking. The success of the event depends on the bands. If your band can bring people then you have a better chance of getting confirmed. Also, if you are a band plan on your band members attending Metal Meltdown BOTH days, and try not to book another show in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area close to or on the dates of the fest. IMPORTANT: IF YOUR BAND IS INTERESTED IN PLAYING NETAL MELTDOWN YOU AGREE TO BE AVAILABLE TO PLAY EITHER NIGHT AND ANY TIMESLOT. THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE. We will be sending running orders for both days prior to the event. We will not change the running order just for you - no exceptions.

My band played last year, can we play again?

We would prefer to give the fans a different lineup each year. That said, there may be bands that return from prior years, and some local based metal bands that are sure to help draw a crowd. We want to bring in some great talent from out of the area, as we did last year. There will be many bands that apply, and if your band is not chosen this year don't give up. We may really like your band but simply are not able to get you on this year's lineup for various reasons.

What genres of metal are you looking for?

Our goal is to offer the fans a diverse billing of great metal bands from various genres. All styles will be considered.

What gear is provided?

Guitar cabs, Bass cab and drums, also full PA with monitors, and lights. More info is provided prior to the event.

What gear should we bring?

Bands should bring: Guitar heads, bass head, cables etc. Guitars basses and any effects you may use. Drummers will need to bring, Cymbals, snare, throne and a double pedal. Please watch your gear as we accept no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged equipment. DO NOT INSIST ON USING YOUR OWN DRUM KIT - IT WILL TAKE TOO LONG TO CHANGEOVER.

Can we sell our merch?

Yes, there will be areas to sell merch on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage all bands to sell merch. You keep 100% of your merch sales, and you are responsible for having your own person working the merch table.

What time is load in?

TBD - bands will be notified prior to event.

How long do we have to set up?

Change over time between bands will be 15 minutes. If your change over takes longer than the allotted time that time will be deducted from your set time. It is important bands cooperate in quick change over to keep the event on schedule.

What time is our set?

The complete running order will be listed around the venue and all bands will be notified a few weeks prior to the show.

How long can we play?

Set times will vary between 30-45 minutes, and bands will be notified prior to the event.

Is there a guest list?

Each band will be allowed 1 person as tech/roadie to assist the band. We simply can't allow or afford bands to bring an entourage of unpaid guests. Questions about guests and/or crew should be directed to the event organizer on our contact page or Pm on Facebook.

Do you have a sound tech?

Yes, a full PA system and monitors with professional sound man, and lights will be provided. This sound crew has worked with us and at this venue before, and does a fantastic, professional job. No one else is permitted to work the soundboard.

Do we have to sell tickets or pay to play?

No, there is no pay to play. However, we will ask bands to help, and place links to buy tickets on all of their web pages, as well as promote the show and tickets to the best of their ability. The bands voluntarily helping to sell tickets is appreciated and can only help the turnout. The efforts of the bands will drive the success of this event. If you want to get on this you'll not only have to have great music but also be able to make the case that you can indeed help promote and bring people. Don't be lazy and let everyone else do the work - all of us work to make this a success so be ready to promote and do your part. If you can bring fans out that will help you get booked on next year's fest, as well as help you possibly get an even better time slot.

I have other questions - who do I talk to?

Please visit the contact page or email nepametalmeltdown@gmail.com - you can also PM us on the Facebook page.

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